6 Ways to Look More Confident During a Presentation

6 Ways to Look More Confident During a Presentation

Having confidence is essential to success in business. Here are six guaranteed ways to project confidence and a winning attitude during your next presentation at...
Bad Online Deals Blog

Bad Online Deals #1 – Dino Drag Race To Nowhere Playset

Each installment of Bad Online Deals. features a detailed analysis of one of the numerous terrible online deals and discounted products that Amazon features in their...

Dan Bialek Loves Kittens Podcast – Ep. 3

In this episode Dan explains talks about family trip to Santa Cruz and surfing 10-foot waves in freezing cold water, a party bus full...

How To Host Unlimited Podcasts Using Soundcloud & WordPress

How To Host Unlimited Podcasts Using Soundcloud & Wordpress: 1. Open a Soundcloud Pro account ($15 per month) and upload all of your podcast episodes...

Shark Attack – Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnA5DT3ilQw People online are pissed at this guy for killing this shark. But, if you watch the footage, the shark literally swims almost full speed (not...

Dan Bialek Loves Kittens Podcast – Ep. 2

In this episode Dan explains how to host an unlimited number of podcasts and podcast episodes for only $15 a month, talks about ideas...

Deadly Scorpions & Stoner Lizards (Dan Calls Pet Shops)

I call a local pet shop and ask questions about snakes, lizards and scorpions. This guy on the phone is super friendly, helpful and patient. Hats...

Parental AF Podcast – Ep. 1

On this episode of the Parental AF podcast we discuss what happens when a parent sends a toddler to school with the flu. Spoiler Alert:...

Screw Those Cute Commercials; This Is What Parenting Really Looks Like

Some afternoons I feel like I'm really getting stuff done. Then this happens. Picked my little guy up from school. He said he had a tummy...

What Have They Done To Han Solo?!?

Stoked to finally see a The Force Awakens Han Solo on the shelf at Target. Kind of bummed that the toy makers went ahead and...

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