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The Reason I Try To Avoid Arguing With Trump Fans Online

The Reason I Try To Avoid Arguing With Strangers Online
This person above posted an Instagram comment complaining about a photo I posted mocking Trump. Fair enough, I let her say her peace, then responded with my side of the argument. Then she starts posting longer and longer responses. And these responses keep getting more articulate and contain much larger and more complicated words than her initial comments.
Then I comment back with the comment cut and pasted above.
And then she sends me the link to a New York Times op-ed piece from a could weeks ago written by a right-wing think tank pundit that she’s been cut and pasting from.
I leave a comment saying that this is the exact reason pro-Trump (and Trump) get made fun of by people online. When they try to argue they can’t even formulate their own words, opinions or ideas. 
Then complete internet silence from her.
This is why I don’t engage with Trump fans who want to argue online. They don’t bother to even come up with their own thoughts. And when you point this out they disappear into the cyber ether.
I actually feel that I am way dumber than this person (and, believe me, she’s quite a dum-dum) for letting myself get drawn into any sort of debate with her in the first place.
It’s going to be a long next four years.
(And, yes, FYI, the name on my IG account is in fact “Karate Tits Sanchez” because I mainly use it to post comedy stuff and I am also an idiot.)

Dan Bialek Loves Kittens Podcast – Ep. 3


In this episode Dan explains talks about family trip to Santa Cruz and surfing 10-foot waves in freezing cold water, a party bus full of people who robbed a convenience store in Huntington Beach, hosting a standup comedy show with only one audience member, why using terms like “snowflake” and “participation trophy” are lazy, stupid thinking, the sleazy methods employers use to string along part-time employees, and more.

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How To Host Unlimited Podcasts Using Soundcloud & WordPress


How To Host Unlimited Podcasts Using Soundcloud & WordPress:

Shark Attack – Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman

People online are pissed at this guy for killing this shark.

But, if you watch the footage, the shark literally swims almost full speed (not 100% sure what max speed for bull sharks is, but he’s going pretty fast) at this guy with its mouth open to bite him. Then it impales itself on the end of his spear gun.

Besides having the ability of flight or some sort of underwater booster rocket jetpack strapped to his back enabling him to get out of the way, I can’t really see how this animal’s death is the diver’s fault.

Swimming super fast, open-mouth-first into a spear gun sort of seems like it’s on the shark on this one.

Dan Bialek Loves Kittens Podcast – Ep. 2


In this episode Dan explains how to host an unlimited number of podcasts and podcast episodes for only $15 a month, talks about ideas for podcasts he’d like to do, and plays a demo of one of these podcasts.

He also discusses a great white shark spotted at his local surf spot, applying his 3-yr-old son’s diaper cream to a facial rash, the terrible logic used by pro-Trump idiots online, and a really Soundcloud podcast and playlist of vintage punk rock music.

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Deadly Scorpions & Stoner Lizards (Dan Calls Pet Shops)


I call a local pet shop and ask questions about snakes, lizards and scorpions.

This guy on the phone is super friendly, helpful and patient.

Hats off for the excellent customer service.

I forgot to ask if his store sold the special shovels needed to fling a shovelful of scorpions into somebody’s face.

Hopefully I’ll remember next time.

Parental AF Podcast – Ep. 1


On this episode of the Parental AF podcast we discuss what happens when a parent sends a toddler to school with the flu.

Spoiler Alert: It makes all the other kids in the class get sick. And more specifically it made my son vomit all over our couch, his bed and the rest of our home.

Screw Those Cute Commercials; This Is What Parenting Really Looks Like

Some afternoons I feel like I’m really getting stuff done.

Then this happens.

Picked my little guy up from school. He said he had a tummy ache and wanted to drink juice and watch cartoons on the couch to “feel better.”
I turned my back for 30 seconds and that all it took for him to be covered in puke and pee. He must of scared himself throwing up and immediately peed his pants.
Then I was covered in it. Then I stripped us both down. Gave him a bath. Put him on the clean couch. And have been scrubbing the couch in the photo with whatever I could find under the kitchen sink.
It isn’t looking (or smelling good) right now.

What Have They Done To Han Solo?!?


Stoked to finally see a The Force Awakens Han Solo on the shelf at Target.

Kind of bummed that the toy makers went ahead and gave him “stoke face.”

He’s not that freaking old.

Dan Bialek Loves Kittens Podcast – Ep. 1


The Dan Bialek Loves Kittens Podcast – Ep 1 – New Years Family Snow Day Death Drive, Alt-Right Maniacs On Facebook, Earthquake-Proof Bed

In this episode I talk about a recent New Year’s family driving trip to the snow that nearly ended in catastrophe, having to deal with alt-right nutjobs on Facebook, starting a new standup comedy show in Orange County, and the “earthquake-proof” bed.

The podcast isn’t on iTunes yet, but it should be within the next couple of weeks.

Until then (or even after then) just use the player below to listen to it.