Home Blog Goddamnit, Hasbro Has Made A Huge Star Wars Toy Mistake

Goddamnit, Hasbro Has Made A Huge Star Wars Toy Mistake

Goddamnit, Hasbro Has Made A Huge Star Wars Toy Mistake

Goddamnit, Hasbro Has Made A Huge Star Wars Toy Mistake

Leading up to the release of Rogue One the toy company Hasbro released a bunch of awesome figures. Much better in variety and even quality (in my opinion) than the first two or three waves of The Force Awakens Figures they made.

They made a couple of vehicles, too. A U-Wing and a new sort of TIE Fighter called a “TIE Striker.”

Both were okay-ish and shot cool Nerf darts. But both were also a little over-priced at $40 a piece. Prices for these have since dropped down to $35 or below.

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Then around November, a month or so before Rogue One hit theaters, Hasbro released a new AT-ACT vehicle based on the ones that would be featured in the movie.

Star Wars Rogue One Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT Vehicle

They were basically proto AT-AT walkers with a center piece that could be removed that in movie was used to store and transport raw materials and cargo by The Empire on the planet Scarif.

This new vehicle was huge (couple feet tall), came with three really cool figures (a combat Jyn Erso, a AT-ACT driver and a cool black R2 style robot) and it shot cool Nerf darts.

Not only that but it was also motorized and could walk. And its walking could be controlled by an app on a smart phone.


Except for the fact that the thing retailed for $299.99.

Yep, three hundred bucks for one vehicle.

Which is about the same price as buying 37 new Rogue One action figures at $7.99 each (their normal retail price).

It was just too much for this type of toy.

I’m a pretty hardcore Star Wars fan and Star Wars toy fan. But there’s no way I could justify (even if I was rich, like all true toy collectors wish we were) buying something like this toy that was so overpriced.

No motorized walking and $150 and it wouldn’t have been that tough to talk myself into “needing” one of these.

$100 and no walking or Nerf dart shooting and there’d be one sitting on the bookshelf next to me right now as I type this.

Seems like a lot of other Star Wars toy fans, kids and parents felt the same way this Christmas shopping season.

I had to run to Target this afternoon to grab a couple things and I took my son with me while I ran my errands. And of course this meant we had to take an obligatory swing through the toy section and Star Wars aisle before we hit the checkout.

And there were all of the less-than-two-month-old AT-ACTs sitting above a tag on their shelf that read “Clearance” and a mark-down price tag stuck to each of them reading “$209.08.”

Star Wars Rogue One Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT Vehicle

It broke my goddamn heart.

Oh well, he’s to hoping that Hasbro keeps pumping out killer new Star Wars toys in the future but that they keep their price points down to a level closer to the average fan and toy consumer’s budget.

And, yes, my mind has been rifling all afternoon trying to figure out where I could get a spare $209 plus tax to pick one of these up before they’re gone. I’m only human.