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The Surfing Podcast – Ep. 2

The Mayor Of Lower Trestles (Cordell Miller)
Cordell Miller Newport Beach Off The Lip – Photo by Murphy Karges

On this episode we sit down and chat with a guy who rips and is one of the nicest people in surfing, Cordell Miller.

Professional surfer, surfboard shaper, occassional golfer, he lives the Orange County surfer’s dream lifestyle better than most.

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Cordell Miller Vintage Quiksilver Ad
Cordell Miller Vintage “Cordy” Quiksilver Ad

We visited his shaping bay in Costa Mesa, California (just up the road from his beloved 28th Street in Newport Beach) to ask Cordy about surfing past, present and future.

Cordell Miller Floater - Photo by Lucho Soto
Clean living and clean lines with Cordell Miller. – Photo by Lucho Soto

Over the course of our conversation here shares tips and insights on:

  • Getting waves at Lower Trestles on a crowded summer day
  • Surfing in booties without losing your cool
  • Keeping fit, flexible and injury-free well into your 40s
  • Wave pools and their influence on the future proliferation of the sport and lifestyle of surfing
  • Underground and up-and-coming rippers
  • Surfboard design and the benefits of length vs. width
  • How to make friends, influence people and get more waves

We joke about it during the episode, but in all seriousness Cordell is a really busy guy and we really appreciate him taking the time to be a guest on our show.

Cordell Miller Shaping Bay With Surfboard
Adding a little custom color in the glassing bay. – Photo by Cordell Miller Surfboards

You can learn more about Cordell and his surfboards via the official Cordell Miller Surfboards website.

Cordell Miller Surfboard And Dog
Spreading the stoke. – Photo by Cordell Miller Surfboards

And you can follow his social media exploits (surfing, golf and otherwise) here on Facebook and Instagram.