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How To Host Unlimited Podcasts Using Soundcloud & WordPress



How To Host Unlimited Podcasts Using Soundcloud & WordPress:

1. Open a Soundcloud Pro account ($15 per month) and upload all of your podcast episodes mp3 files to this account. Make sure to enable “add to RSS” feed under “Permissions” tab for each upload.

2. Open a cheap basic hosting account with any internet service provider (Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc.). Or, use an existing one that you already have.

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3. Purchase a URL for your podcasting network (e.g. “supercoolpodcastnetwork.com”). Or, use an existing URL that you already own and use.

4. In your hosting account’s Control Panel create a subdomain account for each podcast show you’d like to use. (Google search “setup subdomain” for whichever internet service provide you use. There will be a billion articles and videos for each on how to do this in under 10 minutes).

5. Using your internet service provider’s Control Panel, install WordPress to each subdomain you have set up. The process is a little different for each hosting provider, but again google “Install WordPress on [your hosting provider]” and you’ll find a ton of articles and videos on how to do this.

6. Install the free plug-in “Seriously Simple Podcasting” on each of your subdomain’s WordPress accounts.

7. Go into “Settings” in the WordPress Dashboard under “Podcasts” (on the left sidebar) and setup the info and upload an icon/avatar image (1500 by 1500 pixels) for your podcast.


8. Create a podcast “episode” post for each individual episode of your podcast on your WordPress site.

9. Open your Soundcloud account RSS feed in the Google Chrome browser to find the direct link (ending in “.mp3”) for each episode of your podcast. Cut and paste the link for each into the box at the bottom of each WordPress episode post in the “Podcast file:” box.


10. Get the RSS link to your podcast created by the Seriously Simple Podcasting plug-in’s under the “Complete feed” on the “Podcast Settings–>Publishing” page.


11. Validate the feed using a free RSS feed validation site like CastFeedValidator.com.

12. If feed looks good (i.e. is validated in step 11) submit it to the iTunes Store from your iTunes account (yes, you need an iTunes account to do this) under “Submit A Podcast” in the iTunes Store’s “Podcast” section.


That’s it. Sit back and wait 1 to 2 weeks (if not sooner) to hear back from iTunes to see if your show was accepted to the iTunes Store.

Repeat the steps above for other podcasts you’d like to produce and publish.

If you have any problems with any of the steps mentioned above, get off your ass and go on Google and figure it the f*** out. Deep and extensive information for all of the steps, processes, websites, software, etc. mentioned above are readily available for free online. If you’re smart enough to be reading these dumb words on this dumb website then you’re smart enough to teach yourself how to do any and all of the above.

Good luck.